Greetings beloved human being!
…And welcome to Unity&Freedom
Church of GOD, the OneLOVE &
REAL GEM ♾️ PORTAL to Happiness, Love and Harmony!!!

The Miracle Purpose of UnityFreedom.Org

From the selfless, liberated, fearless and invincible inner core of Infinite Happiness, Love and Harmony – we seek the same for all beings!  At UnityFreedom.Org, we playfully and creatively (yet seriously when necessary) adapt in order to bridge all art, science, education, religion, belief systems and life paths while utilizing the transformative and creative powers of music, mindfulness and embodiment practices to minister to, and empower every individual to love and heal themselves so we may altogether love and heal this planet. We learn from and help guide each individual we meet toward their most gentle and harmonious life journey of awakening to happily embodying their greatest potential as a perfect and unique expression of a loving GOD.  We ultimately aim to ease and end all forms of planetary and human suffering, violence, suicide, killing and war on earth – individually and collectively – by providing a ministry and way of living called “The Way of Compassionate Autonomy: A Practical Path to Happiness, Love & Harmony”.

The Miracle Purpose of Life

Though the name, infinite breadth and scope of what human beings refer to as GOD (i.e. ALLAH, ONE GOD, CHRIST, Father/Mother, Universe, Source of ALL THAT IS, etc.) is unknowable and meant to remain an ever-unfolding mystery, incomprehensible and inexplicable with human concepts – this is a transmission of the Light of HOPE and TRUTH, from this Source of ALL THAT IS, known herein as GOD (Galactic Organizing Dynamic) the OneLove.  The purpose of this message is to provide a clear reminder and understanding of the true nature of GOD as Happiness, Love and Harmony.  In doing so, this message provides a practical ministry and way of living, called “The Way of Compassionate Autonomy”, to purify and awaken your heart to the truth of Happiness through which you may remember to view and live your unique and precious human life in Love and Harmony – in Heaven on Earth – and in all realms.

THE TRUTH is that you are a precious child of A LOVING GOD, created from pure HAPPINESS, and you are infinitely safe, you are infinitely free and you are infinitely loved by GOD – exactly as you are and no matter what.  This is the Miracle of Life: The purpose of all of life is to be, to experience, and to communicate (i.e. re-create) infinite expressions of happiness by way of the action and formation of love and harmony.  Simply put:  GODs state of being is Everlasting Happiness, GODs process of creation is Everlasting Love, and GODs output is Everlasting Harmony.  Therefore, the truth of GODs Will is the miracle purpose of all human life on Earth: To live in the light of everlasting happiness, love and harmony!

What We Are

UFO CHURCH OF GOD, the OneLOVE:  Based in St. Petersburg, FL, We are a Galactic Earth Ministry of HARMONY and Embodiment of FAITH in JESUS CHRIST and an Individual-to-Global Galactic Portal to Everlasting HAPPINESS according to:

“And I say also unto thee, thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  And I will give unto thee the KEYS of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind [UNITE] on earth shall be bound [UNITED] in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose [FREE] on earth shall be loosed [FREED] in heaven.”  Matthew 16:18-19.  

Utilizing the embodiment of this scripture as the foundation of our ministry, we provide a real and practical path from conceptualization to realization to embodiment of the FAITH, that birthed the 2 KEYS of the Light of HOPE for HeavenOnEarth – UNITY&FREEDOM – revealing the TRUTHS: I AM SAFE, I AM FREE, I AM LOVED, I AM HAPPY, known as the “The Way of Compassionate Autonomy”.  To EMBODY the FAITH of CHRIST results in an unbreakable sense of inner/outer safety and freedom, in perfect equilibrium, resulting in a Heart-Centered state of being.  This Heart-centered state of being is the state of inner TRUTH, LOVE & HARMONY that ultimately results in the state of individual FEARLESSNESS or EVERLASTING HAPPINESS.  This embodied state of HAPPINESS is unbreakable and seeks Universal HARMONY with and for ALL people, creations, religions, belief systems and life paths because ALL Paths lead to and from GOD.  

WE believe these are the TRUE teachings of CHRIST and that the TRUE Path of REDEMPTION for ALL followers of CHRIST is to EMBODY FAITH in CHRIST and “convert” others by guiding by example, setting all free to choose their own way:



3) SEEK and ALLOW HAPPINESS within themselves as individuals and seek only HAPPINESS for all others, regardless of their beliefs.  


In other words: Christ embodied LOVE and was LOVED by some and KILLED by others.  CHRIST LOVED and forgave ALL.  Therefore, we believe that No TRUE FOLLOWER or EMBODIER of FAITH in JESUS CHRIST would ever Kill.  Christ would never kill.  No TRUE follower of Christ would ever kill another human being nor command others to kill other people in the name of Christ or GOD.  No “Christian” would ever kill another human being in retaliation or to protect themselves, their family, children, friends, loved ones; their home, community, country or world; their own safety, freedom or way of life.  A true follower and embodier of FAITH in Christ would ultimately allow themselves to be sacrificed (killed) before resorting to killing.  This means that no matter what you do, you will be LOVED or KILLED.  LOVE  and FORGIVE anyway and always.  We believe in the use of only self-defense through martial arts (weapon-less, hand-to-hand self-defense) as a LAST RESORT form of non-violent communication.  The best example is jiu jitzu, known as the gentle art.  We believe that all conflict resolution should be escalated no further than weapon-less hand-to-hand martial arts as self-defense only, with self-defense achieved by targeting non-violent, non-injurious submission (choke out or tap-out) – never killing another human being.  Ultimately, all humans are to be given mercy and a path of redemption, but no death penalty.  The TRUE follower and embodier of FAITH in CHRIST is to work toward inner HAPPINESS, ACT only with LOVE (optimal, mutual safety and freedom), and seek HARMONY with all through non-violence.  A TRUE follower and embodier of FAITH in Christ works toward awakening and embodying the inner full spectrum Radiant Light HEART-MIND-BODY of Faith in Christ.  The kingdom of Heaven (Everlasting HAPPINESS/Eternal Life) is found ONLY within – whether “LOVED or KILLED”.

Individual HAPPINESS is possible for all in the human form, whether in this or a future life, and beyond (i.e. liberation from the endless cycles of human suffering through birth/life/death).  We believe that Individual-to-Global HAPPINESS for ALL on this planet will be achieved when each person treats themselves and others with the LOVE (the balance of mutual safety and freedom) that Christ spoke of and embodied, and that this meaning of embodied LOVE is ultimately found underpinning all religions and belief systems.  An example of this is that to embody the Keys of Unity&Freedom is to also balance Yin&Yang (Earth&Heaven), which is the “goal” or Way of most all eastern religions such as Taoism or the way of the I CHING.  I.e. – everything in LIFE equally points to the embodiment of the LOVE that Christ spoke of and when this embodiment of LOVE truly occurs – ALL violence, killing and or suicide in the name of Christianity or Islam or any religion or spiritual path will be ultimately be ended.  At this point we will truly exist in an equilibrium state of LOVE and HARMONY, resulting in a continual and sustainable state of individual and Global HAPPINESS.  To embody the Keys of Unity (inner/outer Safety) and Freedom (inner/outer Freedom) balanced and centered within the HEART and in equilibrium with the MIND and BODY is to exist in the LIGHT of EVERLASTING HAPPINESS, LOVE & HARMONY, i.e.:

To Enter The Sun of Unity-Freedom-Oneness according to the following:

G.O.D. (Galactic Organizing Dynamic) = The ONE nameless, incomprehensible CREATOR and MASTER of ALL THAT IS




We aim to ease and end all form of planetary suffering, human suffering, violence, suicide, killing and war on earth – individually and collectively – by providing a way of living called “The Way of Compassionate Autonomy: A Practical Path to Happiness, Love & Harmony”.

This is the Way of the Harmonic Brave and involves fully facing and overcoming the root of all suffering which is caused by living through the inner lens of Ultimate FEAR. To be fearless doesn’t mean to live carelessly. To be fearless cannot truly be explained, only embodied with what we refer to as the Light of Everlasting Happiness.  The best we can conceptualize it is to live from within the inner light of FAITH, HOPE and TRUTH of GOD, peacefully liberated in the balance of safety and freedom, resulting in a life of everlasting happiness, love and harmony within and with all others.

In doing this, we combine the power of MUSIC as the foundation – along with mindfulness practices with creative expression in art, sports & science alongside our practical ministry of “Seek HARMONY First” to work toward discovering, developing and bringing to fruition, practical solutions to “real-world” imbalances across the planet.  Our mission aims to bridge all gaps between all humans, cultures, life paths, religions and belief systems through the common pulse of LOVE that connects us, toward a common goal of Global Happiness. In a world of Global HAPPINESS, each person feels loved, valued, nurtured, inspired and free to imagine, discover, create and share their unique gifts with the world – for the betterment of themselves and for the greater good. To be happy is the miracle purpose for being human and it is the birthright for all, one person at a time.  ALL THANKS, ALL PRAISE, ALL GLORY TO GOD, THE ONELOVE, AMEN!

The Miracle Mantra & Truth of Unity&Freedom:


Golden Guide of UFO:

“Do unto YOURSELF and ALL OTHERS, what makes ALL feel SAFE, FREE, LOVED and HAPPY”

REAL GEM♾️ PORTAL: HeartCenter-School of HAPPINESS, LOVE & HARMONY:  This is the Original HeartCenter-School of embodiment of the Full Spectrum R.E.A.L. (Radiant Embodied Activation Light) G.E.M.♾️ (Galactic Earth M to the Infinite Power) P.O.R.T.A.L. (Protective Orb for Release Transformation Alignment & Liberation) into Happiness, Love & Harmony:  The Infinite Cosmic Being on Earth embodying Everlasting Happiness, Love & Harmony.  This is the school of the Harmonic Brave and we are here to re-define what is means to be Brave.  The GEM is because You are the hidden Treasure and it is to the Power of ♾️ because it’s discovered within the Infinite CenterPoint of Your Perfect HEART, and we are here to guide you there to uncover and reveal your precious truths and unique gifts that ONLY YOU HOLD!  G.E. is for Galactic Earth because you are the bridge between Heaven&Earth and the M is for infinite things, one being the MIRACLE – because You are also the precious MIRACLE of GODs LOVE.  Yes, You are a Precious Child of GODs Love.  M is to the Power of ♾️ because we are limitless beings embodying, for example: Galactic Earth Messages,  Music, Mudras, Movements, Medicine, Magic, Mystery & More!.  Yes, we are truly beings of limitless Miracles all helping and guiding each other to reveal our treasures in the unfolding of GODs Great Mystery!  The good news is that we are here to provide you with guidance to revealing and embodying your own unique MIRACLE MYSTERY from within the foundation of Everlasting Happiness, Love & Harmony! Here we utilize the music medicine and dances of Unity&Freedom (Healing&Empowerment drum circle, Kirtan DevJeet, ETS sonic-light-encoded music & songs, Magic Dance, EDM ecstatic dance sets, vocalization practices and more) to awaken your ability to safely connect to the infinite pulse of the crystal core Heartbeat of Mother Earth, fully awaken your heart and safely and freely connect to the heartbeat of all beings, as a way-shower of Global Happiness, Love and Harmony.  Here we utilize scientific understanding, Methods and exploration to relate these principals to the energetic of the human body as we work toward full individual-to-collective awakening of the Full-Spectrum Radiant Embodied Activation Light HEART-MIND-BODY.  We provide you with years of experience learning how to connect to and handle this energy, along with caring, loving, practical wisdom and guidance to help you along your journey of full SELF-Realilzation to Embodiment of your unique version of Everlasting Happiness in the most gentle and harmonious process possible, while living within the structures of our human societies, regardless of the location and environment.  We also provide extremely powerful healing REAL GEMessages (TransMissions) of the Holy Spirit of Christ (the Infinitely Loving Light of GOD), along with grounding-to-galactivation techniques, tools, Mudra sequences and Movement embodiment practices in order to guide individuals and groups to be able to safely unlock, awaken to- and handle- the range of frequencies necessary for this journey to be as gentle and harmonious as possible for you and all others.  We also guide you by utilizing and embodying alignment to the Galactic Harmonic Standard of the 13-Moon/28-day Galactic Mayan Calendar that is in order to align you and this planet to global peace and harmony! This process will allow each individual to connect to their unique expression of music, art, science & spirituality to harness Mother Earth’s messages and solutions to raising their own frequency and the frequency of the planet on our collective journey to happiness, love and harmony.  Here you will have the opportunity to awaken to: the ability to consciously create your life experience, powers of telepathy, inter-dimensional and time travel and even greater yet-to-be-known Miracles of the Greater Mystery, ALL Thanks, All Praise and ALL GLORY to GOD, the ONELOVE, for the betterment of all.  

“Inside each one of our hearts is a perfect work of art, sacred spark, illuminating darkness, uniquely coded, to play your part in this infinite key, together we all need, to unlock the door, to be free, in this great mystery… we need each other.” Lyrics from ETS song “LINK” (from the crystal core of Mother Earth’s Heart) 

Our Galactic Earth Mission: Global Happiness!

The message and ministry began around 2005, with the beat of an African djembe drum, while playing in a music ministry world drum & multi-instrumental ensemble called Soul Fire at First Unity of St Petersburg. 

Starting from African roots, I (Joel), soon began facilitating community Healing & Empowerment drum circles that ultimately birthed the message of Unity&Freedom. Alongside this, I shared many years of various medicine music and sound healing services, including Kirtans, and Enter The Sun sonic light encoded music from the crystal core heart of Mother Earth known as the music and lyrical songs of Unity&Freedom. 

For nearly 20 years, these messages and embodiment practices have been shared in many settings such as schools, criminal correction/mental health/substance abuse recovery facilities, a half-way house and with families, churches, youth groups, music & holistic festivals, yoga studios, transformational settings, and more – with all ages, all races and all backgrounds and belief systems.  After so many years of community service and doing my best to embody “The Way of Compassionate Autonomy”, I was ultimately liberated into Everlasting Happiness, by GODs infinite grace, mercy and redemption upon my soul.  

At that time, it was revealed that the message of Unity&Freedom held a greater purpose, not just for myself and the St Petersburg community, but it was revealed by GOD in our heart that this message of Unity&Freedom is the infinite pulse of LOVE of Christ that would help to heal our entire planet into Harmony.  GOD then revealed within our heart that this message could be clearly described by the motion of the cross-cultural pellet drum of many indigenous peoples (ultimately leading back to the African pellet drum).  Versions of this drum are found in other indigenous cultures by different names: ie. Damru (Tibet, Mongolia, India), Taogu Drum (China), Den-Den Daiko (Japan), Nodo Drum (Korea). This drum signifies the heartbeat of LOVE within our planet, every human being, and the fundamental nature of GOD as happiness, love and harmony.  This infinite pulsing motion also describes the birth of the bridging of Art, Science & Religion through connecting Sacred Geometrical patterns with scientifically measured/elucidated phenomena through fields aquantum mechanics, astrophysics and universal cosmology. 

From that point- GOD led us to the first birthplace on this planet of the message of Unity&Freedom, a small country named Malawi, known as “The warm heart of Africa.” Therefore, we believe that the true nature of the Universe/GOD and the path to the embodiment of Christ were all originally birthed from Africa, the birthplace of all humans and races on this planet – our mother people and mother continent.

Further- We believe that throughout history, there was a misunderstanding of the teachings of Christ. Though mostly well-intentioned, Christians went to “save” Africans and indigenous cultures across the planet to teach christianity, but the truth is that these cultures were already embodying a deeper understanding of the nature of the Universe/GOD and the true nature of Christ in the form of the heartbeat of LOVE through the drum, music, and dance – not living as Godless savages.  They were already connected to the heart of Mother Earth and they existed in a more embodied state of happiness, love and harmony within themselves, in community and with Mother Earth.

We were reawakened by and “saved” by the message of Unity&Freedom through the heartbeat of the drum, music and dance, and the embodiment of the LOVE of Christ- and therefore our mission is to share this message of Harmony and non-violence with other Christians and to loyally give back to the birthplace of this message, and Africa in general, as a starting point for reparations and to provide a path of redemption for our planet to heal these wounds of slavery, torture, abuse and African diaspora, that has ultimately led throughout history to war and division within and between cultures and countries across our planet.

We DO NOT believe any race is better or worse or that any race or any people should be glorified or blamed, but that it our souls purpose and responsibility to heal within ourselves and with each other through the power of LOVE (mutually interdependent Safety and Freedom) that both unites us and ultimately sets us free in HAPPINESS and HARMONY. 

As part of our mission, not only have we been and are helping to awaken our community through these embodiment practices to be their own unique expressions and wayshowers of this fundamental message of Unity&Freedom- but we also plan to travel the the US and world to share these practices with ALL who are open to receive.  

GOD has also given us the goal to play Enter The Sun music, especially the song “Children of Love”, in every US state and country in the world and ultimately bring it all back to Africa and help this world awaken to happiness, love and harmony through the power of music and love thus helping to bridge all arts, science and religion into a World of Global Happiness!

We are first and foremost a ministry of Christ as Harmony and we have existed primarily on donations .  At this point- we are beginning to reveal this mission and plan and humbly ask for any financial support you may be able to offer for this cause.  


To begin with, we will use donations to strengthen the foundation of UnityFreedom.Org and a percentage of all donations (TBD) will be distributed to these organizations in Africa and our local St. Pete community in the following areas, that we feel reflect and embody the following UFO Heart-Centers: 

Awakening the Heart of LOVE & HAPPY MINDS through heart-centered & mindful, sustainable innovation & education inspiring developing practical applications of HARMONY: Eco-friendly & nature-based & smart-science/technological solutions that prioritize targeting balance & harmony with Mother Earth, all humans and all of GODs creations.

Awakening the Heart of LOVE through Heart-centered Care to bring the BODY back into HARMONY for immediate and sustained physical, health, housing & medical needs is taking care of homeless, orphans, medical needs, etc.

Awakening the Heart of LOVE, HAPPY Minds, and Healthy Bodies in HARMONY through Heart-centered, holistic practices such as mindfulness, yoga, spiritual practices, music, art, creative expression, dancing, etc; all resulting in overall balance, wholeness, well-being – embodied as Happiness, Love & Harmony.  These programs ultimately develop people that will serve, guide and teach in each of the Heart-Centers.



Moving Windmills Project – (Malawi, Africa): Inspired by the work of William Kamkwamba, (The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind) whose curiosity and inventiveness helped save his family in Malawi from famine, Moving Windmills Project was founded in 2008 to build community and empower problem solvers. We work in partnership with local leaders and resilient farmers to secure a viable future for Malawi’s families.


Africa Heartwood Project – (across West Africa): A grassroots nonprofit run by passionate volunteers who have worked hard to learn about fighting poverty. We act in partnership with the poor to identify and eliminate specific constraints to their freedoms using sustainable, participatory, results-oriented methods. As an all-volunteer organization we don’t ever spend your money on overhead or administrative expenses, so 100% of your donation goes to project implementation. We invite you to join us in this inspired cause, making a measurable and lasting impact in the lives of our many friends in West Africa. Everyone matters. Everyone benefits. Everyone grows. So will YOU!


Straw to Bread – (Kenya, Africa): What is our VISION?
This Luo community will have the sustainable physical, educational, and spiritual nourishment needed to live fruitful and loving lives, achieved through our long-term friendship grounded in the goodness, power, and love of God.

Chipo Muzorewa’s Yoga Retreat Center – (Zimbabwe, Africa): More info coming soon!

Locally (St. Petersburg, FL)

Westcare of FL

Mustard Seed Inn


St Pete Youth Farm

We are accepting donations to help build the UFO! 🛸👽
THANK YOU! Your support and contributions will help us meet our goals and bring resources and happiness for all.

Thank you so much for any munlove for the OneLove that you feel called to, and are able to, offer! With love and thanks!! All Glory to GOD, the OneLove, Amen!