Our Story

After years of prayer and various embodiment practices (meditation, yoga, ecstatic movement, etc) the message and ministry of “Unity&Freedom” began to come through around 2005, with the beat of an African Djembe drum, while playing in a music ministry world drum ensemble called Soul Fire at First Unity of St Petersburg.

Reconnected to these African roots, I soon began facilitating community Healing & Empowerment drum circles that ultimately birthed the message of The 2 Keys of Heaven on Earth: Unity&Freedom®. Alongside this, I shared many years of various medicine music and sound healing services, facilitated Kirtans, played in a spiritual Celtic band called “Druid Roots” and birthed Enter The Sun (the music and lyrical songs of Unity&Freedom).

This message of Unity&Freedom ultimately links all cultures and all people of this planet, while leading back to its birthplace on this planet, the warm heart of Africa in a small country named Mawali. This connection back to Africa and all other cultures and races came from comtemplating the motion and dynamics of the “pellet drum” of all indigenous cultures from all races across the planet.  These messages and teachings came throughout the course of many years of service to the community and developed into the UFO 2 Keys of Heven on Earth – Unity&Freedom®️: The Way of Compassionate Autonomy, “! am Safe, I am Free, I am Loved, I am Happy”®️ and the REAL GEM♾️ PORTAL to Happiness, Love & Harmony.

Soul Fire Drum Ensemble ©️2005UnityFreedom.Org

As mentioned above, it was revealed after many years of community service that this message of Unity&Freedom symbolized The 2 Keys of Heaven on Earth that describe the ♾️ infinite pulse of LOVE of Christ, and that it could be clearly described by the motion of the cross-cultural pellet drum of many indigenous peoples (ultimately leading back to the African pellet drum).  Versions of this drum are found in other indigenous cultures by different names: ie. Damru (Tibet, Mongolia, India), Taogu Drum (China), Den-Den Daiko (Japan), Nodo Drum (Korea). This drum signifies the heartbeat of LOVE within our planet, every human being, and the fundamental nature of GOD as happiness, love and harmony.  This infinite pulsing motion also describes the birth of the bridging of Art, Science & Religion through connecting Sacred Geometrical patterns with scientifically measured/elucidated phenomena through fields of quantum mechanics, astrophysics and universal cosmology. (Please watch this video for a full explanation.)

From that point- GOD led us to the first birthplace on this planet of the message of Unity&Freedom, a small country named Malawi, known as “The warm heart of Africa.” Therefore, we believe that the true nature of the Universe/GOD and the path to the embodiment of Christ were all originally birthed from Africa, the birthplace of all humans and races on this planet – our mother people and mother continent.

Further- We believe that throughout history, there was a misunderstanding of the teachings of Christ. Though mostly well-intentioned, Christians went to “save” Africans and indigenous cultures across the planet to teach christianity, but the truth is that these cultures were already embodying a deeper understanding of the nature of the Universe/GOD and the true nature of Christ in the form of the heartbeat of LOVE through the drum, music, and dance – not living as Godless savages.  They were already connected to the heart of Mother Earth and they existed in a more embodied state of happiness, love and harmony within themselves, in community and with Mother Earth.

We were reawakened by and “saved” by the message of Unity&Freedom through the heartbeat of the drum, music and dance, and the embodiment of the LOVE of Christ- and therefore our mission is to share this message of Harmony and non-violence with other Christians and to loyally give back to the birthplace of this message, and Africa in general, as a starting point for reparations and to provide a path of redemption for our planet to heal these wounds of slavery, torture, abuse and African diaspora, that has ultimately led throughout history to war and division within and between cultures and countries across our planet.

We DO NOT believe any race is better or worse or that any race or any people should be glorified or blamed, but that it our souls purpose and responsibility to heal within ourselves and with each other through the power of LOVE (mutually interdependent Safety and Freedom) that both unites us and ultimately sets us free in HAPPINESS and HARMONY.

As part of our mission, not only have we been and are helping to awaken our local community through these embodiment practices to be their own unique expressions and wayshowers of this fundamental message of Unity&Freedom- but we also plan to travel the the US and world to share these practices with ALL who are open to receive.  We will give back to ease African/African Americans suffering (the birthplace/race of the drumming practices that saved my soul and the mother of our human race; birthplace/race of US slaves that suffered in the creation of this US nation); Irish peoples suffering (the birthplace of the Druid Roots drumbeats that grounded me to mother earth and helped to heal me, my mothers family bloodline “MacSweeney”);  suffering of the poor in India (birthplace of Sanskrit mantras that helped to keep my soul intact through the power of the sacred sound current); Native Americans (the original caretakers of US soil “Sacred Lands” that suffered in the creation of this US nation); wounded and suffering US veterans (those who have sacrificed themselves for allowing this Unity&Freedom message to be born on US soil and who have fought to preserve the principal of Unity&Freedom).  We will also give back to ease the suffering of all of those experiencing being imprisoned, outcasted and hopeless in the mental health treatment system and in our correctional/prison systems. 

GOD has also given us the goal to play Enter The Sun music, especially the song “Children of Love”, in every US state and country in the world and ultimately bring it all back to Africa and help this world awaken to happiness, love and harmony through the power of music and love thus helping to bridge all arts, science and religion into a World of Global Happiness!

Meet Joel

Joel, Servant Guide of UFO, explaining The Global Heartbeat of Happiness, Love & Harmony

Unity&Freedom is a way, not the only way, to remember the eternal Grace and Peace of God, the OneLove. Like infinite other paths and infinite lines of communication, Unity&Freedom is a message received from God the OneLove, in order for the liberation of all through remembering that the absolute true nature of God is eternal mercy and eternal redemption for ALL of creation.

It is the birthright for ALL. The Unity&Freedom Center of Balance & Harmony and the medicine music ministry is a path there- it is a path of re-awakening, remembering with God, a path of initiation to completion, that goes from conceptualization to realization to embodiment of the eternal Peace of God, that re-awakens the initiate to the unbroken memory of the eternal soul that is eternally unified and liberated with God, the OneLove, All That is, That which cannot be explained.

Participation in and with the center and the music ministry of Unity&Freedom offers the initiate a real pathway, an opportunity to this remembering. It is a path of remembering the eternal mercy and redemption of the soul, to remember the purpose of Life itself. Unity&Freedom is the OneLove, the path of Harmony, the purpose of Creation itself – One Infinite Love.