About Unity & Freedom: Compassionate Autonomy by way of the Harmonic Code

Unity & Freedom is a way of the Servant-Guide to the betterment of ALL That Is. Unity & Freedom is a way of experiencing existence – Birth/Life/Death (eternal change) – here and now in Peace, Happiness, Balance & Harmony. Unity & Freedom is a way of braving, facing and overcoming Fear in order to experience the eternal, unbreakable, infinite Peace and perfection of God the OneLove, the source of All That Is – Limitless Love, Eternal Life, Ultimate Perfection, Harmony, Balance.

Unity & Freedom is a true, clear state of being that is an antidote to the two primal fears of Death (End): the masculine fear of imprisonment and the feminine fear of abandonment. The ultimate fear that is the illusory fear of death/end is like a vacillation along the infinite spectrum between the two extreme fears of imprisonment & abandonment. Eternal imprisonment is akin to absolute zero, frozen/ice, eternally bound by infinite contact in infinite directions, compressed into infinite singularity. Eternal abandonment is akin to absolute hot, chaos/fire, eternally unbound by no contact in infinite directions, dismembered infinitely.

When faced with experiencing these ultimate fears, the lens of Unity & Freedom is an evolution into a higher level of perception that allows one to truly overcome and make it through these extreme fears of death, in order to liberate in togetherness/selflessness.

Unity is attained by realizing that by giving and receiving eternal mercy to and from all, one overcomes eternal imprisonment.

Freedom is attained by realizing that by giving and receiving eternal redemption to and from all, one overcomes eternal abandonment.

Imprisonment is fear perception of infinite order with no way out (ultimate connection, being surrounded, no movement, no freedom).

Abandonment is the fear perception of infinite disorder with no way in (ultimate disconnection, being outcasted, no order, no unity).

When the fear state of imprisonment is overcome by embodying mercy & compassion – and ultimate connection is perceived as togetherness, interconnectedness – this is the attainment of Unity. Unity is the state of integration, interconnectedness, wholeness, balanced within and without – and the feeling is like receiving and giving mercy, safety, support, protection, compassion. When the fear state of abandonment is overcome by embodying redemption & autonomy – and ultimate disconnection is perceived as release – this is the attainment of Freedom. Freedom is the state of liberation, release, movement, opportunity – and the feeling is like receiving and giving redemption, opportunity, newness, excitement, autonomy.

When one overcomes the fear of imprisonment and instead perceives Unity, and when one overcomes the fear of abandonment, and instead perceives Freedom – and brings them into balance within oneself, one has embodied the way of Unity & Freedom, the way of Peace, Happiness, Balance & Harmony.

When one embodies the way of Unity & Freedom, one embodies compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and humility.

To embody the way of Unity & Freedom is to embody the way of Compassionate Autonomy. Unity & Freedom is a perception of existence that allows one to be beyond fear and to be at eternal peace in existence (the experience of eternal change).

The way of Unity & Freedom is non-religious though can be found throughout religion, philosophy, science, art, all forms of creation. It is the way of perceiving the OneLove in ALL That Is, the way of God (OneLove),the source of all that is, perfect Balance & Harmony.

To embody Unity & Freedom in balance is to know Harmony within change.

Unity & Freedom is the flow state of interconnectedness and liberation in perfected balance.

Unity & Freedom is the nature of existence, metaphorically like water molecules moving with each other in flow, simultaneously interconnected and setting each other free.

Unity & Freedom can be perceived in the pulse of the primordial Aum (the wave created from the eternal cycling pulse of coming together and separation) that is the eternal cycling contraction (unity) and expansion (freedom) of the universe.

Jesus spoke of Unity & Freedom as the two keys to the kingdom of heaven: “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind (unite) on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose (free) on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Matt. 16:14–19).

Unity & Freedom is found in the Tao as Yin (Unity) & Yang (Freedom).

Unity & Freedom is the inherent birthright for ALL.

Miracle Prayer and Oath of Unity&Freedom:

“My life is my precious gift to experience the Grace of God: that is eternal mercy and redemption for All. With humility, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude, I live – fully aligned with the will of God, that is Perfect Love – happily balanced and whole, in peace and harmony, with loving-kindness from my heart. All I recieve and all I give is for mutual empowerment, interdependence and selflessness – for the betterment of ALL in heaven on earth and in ALL realms. All thanks, all praise and all Glory to God, the OneLove. I am Safe, I am Free, I am Loved and I am Happy, in Unity&Freedom, Amen.”

Motto: Invincta Concordia et Virtus

The Way of Compassionate Autonomy Dragon Armor of Protection Unity&Freedom Mantra/Affirmation to overcome all Fear:


(recite this repeatedly in order to overcome ALL Fears leading to the culminating vacillation of the penultimate fears of imprisonment & abandonment)

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Opportunities to experience the medicine music ministry path of Unity&Freedom:

Repeat and embody the Mission and Oath of Unity & Freedom. Read the lyrics and listen to the music of Enter The Sun. Listening to, singing and dancing to the Galactic Sunshine medicine music of Enter The Sun is receiving sacred sound current that is channeled light-encoded DNA galactivation frequencies and messages from God the OneLove in the form of uplifting music & songs of remembering Unity&Freedom. Galactivation and awakening to Unity&Freedom in the following ways: Participate in Unity&Freedom gatherings such as Kirtan DevJeet mantra chanting, Healing & Empowerment Drum Circles, DJ Jadi ecstatic dances, Unity&Freedom medicine music open jams, Bodhakara live music ecstatic dances, Magic Dance live improv music and dances. Participation in any Unity&Freedom services, talks, gatherings, festivals and retreats. All Thanks, All Praise, All Glory to God the OneLove, Unity&Freedom for ALL! Amen! Stay tuned for more information!
Check out our calendar for opportunities to experience Unity&Freedom Gatherings!

Unity&Freedom is a way, not the only way, to remember the eternal Grace and Peace of God, the OneLove. Like infinite other paths and infinite lines of communication, Unity&Freedom is a message received from God the OneLove, in order for the liberation of all through remembering that the absolute true nature of God is eternal mercy and eternal redemption for ALL of creation.

It is the birthright for ALL. The Unity&Freedom Center of Balance & Harmony and the medicine music ministry is a path there- it is a path of re-awakening, remembering with God, a path of initiation to completion, that goes from conceptualization to realization to embodiment of the eternal Peace of God, that re-awakens the initiate to the unbroken memory of the eternal soul that is eternally unified and liberated with God, the OneLove, All That is, That which cannot be explained.

Participation in and with the center and the music ministry of Unity&Freedom offers the initiate a real pathway, an opportunity to this remembering. It is a path of remembering the eternal mercy and redemption of the soul, to remember the purpose of Life itself. Unity&Freedom is the OneLove, the path of Harmony, the purpose of Creation itself – One Infinite Love.