Practical Applications of Harmony (PAOH)

The main purpose of UFO & ETS music is to help inspire, create, develop, and support peace, happiness, love and harmony in the individual and on earth via self-help practices, community support, and practical applications of harmony (PAOH) i.e. Real-world solutions to local-to-global issues of imbalance such as non-sustainable energy, food industries, climate change, and more.

Here are a list of organizations that we believe represent Unity&Freedom’s mission. These organizations have either directly impacted/ influenced UFO’s growth, or we support these companies representing PAOH. Here are their links if you’d like to get involved.
Foundation for The Law of Time

The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Wunderfarms (Volunteer opportunity in St Pete run by Ray Wunderlich to grow sustainable food gardening/permaculture for donation to communities in need.)

Citizen Climate Lobby (CCL) (Volunteer opportunity to fight climate change in a practical way. Join the Tampa, St. Pete chapter to join us.)

Audubon EagleWatch Volunteer (Volunteer opportunity to monitor & protect local eagle nests)

Osceola Fundamental High School Football Program

Awakening Into Wellness

Awakening into the Sun festival

Roots to Crown (Conscious venue that holds healing events)

Sacred Lands Preservation
(Non-profit preserving an ancient Tocobaga village that holds events like meditations, & Kirtans)

Tribe Seminole Heights (Non-profit serving children/families in Seminole Heights)

Beech Kombucha (Pure hearts making delicious healthy kombucha & hosting community events in their garden)

The Sacred Creative

Joel & Kaylee volunteering at a tree planting event hosted by Wunderfarms ©️2023UnityFreedom.Org

Some of UFO's goals & dreams:

If you have an organization or project that is working towards these goals or working towards harmony and balance, please reach out! We would love to partner with anyone who is interested in these things or has ideas to make these a reality for all.

  • Solutions to free energy for all (electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Solutions for free clean water for all
  • Solutions for plastic pollution
  • Solutions for climate change
  • Harmonious pest control
  • Solutions to fashion pollution