The Way of Compassionate Autonomy Explained

Please enjoy this playlist where Joel elaborates on The Way of Compassionate Autonomy.



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Video 1:
Overview of Compassionate Autonomy (39 min)

Video 2:
Part one: Overcoming your own fear! (9 min)

Video 3:
Part two: Helping others overcome fear (8 min)

Video 4:
Part 3: The Black Hole/Gate of Fear; Arming/Facing the Dragon (17 min)

Video 5:
Part 4: ALL Life Paths are From and Return to GOD (17 min)

Video 6:
Part 5: Living by Faith (31 min)

Video 7:
Part 6: The Light Keys of HOPE (27 min)

Video 8:
Part 7: The Infinite Pulse of Love (16 min)

Unity&Freedom is a way, not the only way, to remember the eternal Grace and Peace of God, the OneLove. Like infinite other paths and infinite lines of communication, Unity&Freedom is a message received from God the OneLove, in order for the liberation of all through remembering that the absolute true nature of God is eternal mercy and eternal redemption for ALL of creation.

It is the birthright for ALL. The Unity&Freedom Center of Balance & Harmony and the medicine music ministry is a path there- it is a path of re-awakening, remembering with God, a path of initiation to completion, that goes from conceptualization to realization to embodiment of the eternal Peace of God, that re-awakens the initiate to the unbroken memory of the eternal soul that is eternally unified and liberated with God, the OneLove, All That is, That which cannot be explained.

Participation in and with the center and the music ministry of Unity&Freedom offers the initiate a real pathway, an opportunity to this remembering. It is a path of remembering the eternal mercy and redemption of the soul, to remember the purpose of Life itself. Unity&Freedom is the OneLove, the path of Harmony, the purpose of Creation itself – One Infinite Love.