“Joel Jadus is a being of love, dedicated to alleviating suffering on this planet, and directing people back to their own God consciousness. He is committed to unification, love and equality for all."
Stephanie South
Foundation for the Law of Time
"Joel will be an asset with any organization and will do a great service to bless humanity and continue to make the world a better place due to his participation and his tremendous heart."
Reverend Dr. Temple Hayes
Former Spiritual Leader/CEO (2003-2022) First Unity Spiritual Campus of St. Petersburg
"I know all of our kids and coaches are better for having known Coach Joel and being able to interact with him daily and learn from his valuable life experiences has been immeasurable. He is a true pillar in the community as he has coached youth sports even while working here at Osceola, he is a dedicated individual and never asks for things in return. I am thankful for the imprint he has established on our culture and character of our program."
Christopher “Cody” Montgomery
Head Football Coach at Osceola Fundamental Highschool
"Joel gives so much to the community. Every time I have been in his presence he is creating joy and working for the benefit of others. Great individual through and through."
Peter S.
Community Member
"I’m grateful to know and learn from Joel throughout my time living in Saint Pete, his music, messages, and offerings have allowed me to create community, connect to myself, and reminds me of the joy of life! I hope that his variety of service to the community can be seen, understood, and supported! Thank you!"
Lauren H.
Community Member
"Joel is a remarkable man who has dedicated his life to giving back to his community. Through his countless volunteer hours and charitable initiatives, he has made a significant positive impact on the lives of many. His selfless contributions are a testament to his commitment to the betterment of the community."
Wesley J.
Community Member
"Joel’s music really moves my heart so deeply, I was brought to tears and laughter and wanted to dance all at once. The music sounds ancient and current while feeling very personal. A true artist shaman musician, I am so thankful that I know Joel and can receive the blessings that flow through him as a divine instrument."
Zyon C.
Community Member
"Sunshine medicine music... This music really instills feelings of love, joy... the freedom of a bird flying. Love for God, love for ourselves and love for each other. Harmonious to listen to in any mood, the music guides oneself into center, devotion, gratitude and peace. Thank you for sharing such divinity with this world 💞✨🌼"
Liat P.
Community Member
"Enter the Sun music is such a gift to humanity. The music seems to play in my head when I need it most, reminding me of the divinity all around me. I'm so grateful for this music and grateful for all of the love and intention Joel puts into it."
Kaylee D.
Community Member
"You MUST check out Joel’s music! It awakens body, mind and soul! It is deeply relaxing and inspires connection to a greater, higher Self! 💞"
Donna A.
Community Member
"A truly gifted & divinely appointed/blessed individual focused on sharing love through music. Thank you my brother... Jah Guide & Bless ❤️💛💚"
Jamie S.
Community Member
"This is my first time at a kirtan, Joel and the band know how to put out some sweet, soothing, sounds and fill the space with positive uplifting energy! Joel's guitar and great voice, the drummers, the lovely ladies that played the flute and violin and everyone joining in the chanting was a perfect way to spend my Sunday evening!"
Maria S.
Community Member
"This Kirtan practice was medicine for the heart & an invitation to let the mind rest for a couple hours. Such an honor to share the space in that circle and unite in song with every magical being in the room. Joel sings from a deep place and it is felt. He speaks truth that resonates. I fully recommend this Kirtan experience 🙏✨"
Thomas Waterman
Founder of Sacred City
"I am so grateful for Joel Jadus and Friends and the beautiful community that they are bringing together. Every time I go to one of their blissful events I feel like I’m at home within myself. The music and Joel’s words are like a portal to a deeper connection with Source. I would definitely recommend attending and participating in their events. Bring an open mind and an open heart and be ready for some healing."
Jamie C.
Community Member
"Multiple staff members and families commented on the upbeat and interactive fun your music provided. Drumming has so many therapeutic benefits not only for children but adults as well, and it was so nice to have you donate your time. I especially enjoyed how, as a group, you included so many children individually, encouraged them to interact with one another, and allowed them to lead! You not only provided music for them to engage and have fun with, but you allowed them a safe environment to encourage creativity and social interaction, which can sometimes be forgotten in a hospital environment. Once again, I want to thank you for providing this event. We appreciate all of the time and effort that went into helping to make it a success! Thank you!"
Kelly Tyrell
Music Therapist at All Children's Hospital
“The feeling of togetherness combined with the feeling of releasing all of your burdens - I felt free and relieved during the experience.”
Chastain M.
Westcare of FL inpatient
“It was very therapeutic for me... got to learn how to do something as a team. I felt very free and healthier. ...Doing an activity like that (can) take away a lot of negative energy.”
Robert E.
Westcare of FL inpatient
"Cleansing, healing, mind freeing, heart pounding beauty... the feeling of being One and Whole.”
Larissa H.
Westcare of FL inpatient