REAL GEM PORTAL: HeartCenter- School of Happiness, Love & Harmony

This is the Original HeartCenter-School of embodiment of the Full Spectrum R.E.A.L. (Radiant Embodied Activation Light) G.E.M. (Galactic Earth M to the Infinite Power) P.O.R.T.A.L. (Protective Orb for Release Transformation Alignment & Liberation) into Happiness, Love & Harmony:  The Infinite Cosmic Being on Earth embodying Everlasting Happiness, Love & Harmony. This is the school of the Harmonic Brave and we are here to re-define what is means to be Brave.  The GEM is because You are the hidden Treasure and it is to the Power of ∞ because it’s discovered within the Infinite CenterPoint of Your Perfect HEART, and we are here to guide you there to uncover and reveal your precious truths and unique gifts that ONLY YOU HOLD!  G.E. is for Galactic Earth because you are the bridge between Heaven&Earth and the M is for infinite things, one being the MIRACLE – because You are also the precious MIRACLE of GODs LOVE.  Yes, You are a Precious Child of GODs Love.  M is to the Power of ∞ because we are limitless beings embodying, for example: Galactic Earth Messages,  Music, Mudras, Movements, Medicine, Magic, Mystery & More!.  Yes, we are truly beings of limitless Miracles all helping and guiding each other to reveal our treasures in the unfolding of GODs Great Mystery!

“Inside each one of our hearts is a perfect work of art, sacred spark, illuminating darkness, uniquely coded, to play your part in this infinite key, together we all need, to unlock the door, to be free, in this great mystery… we need each other.”
- Lyrics from ETS song “LINK” (from the crystal core of Mother Earth’s Heart)

The good news is that we are here to provide you with guidance to revealing and embodying your own unique MIRACLE MYSTERY from within the foundation of Everlasting Happiness, Love & Harmony! Here we utilize the music medicine and dances of Unity&Freedom (Healing&Empowerment drum circle, Kirtan DevJeet, ETS sonic-light-encoded music & songs, Magic Dance, EDM ecstatic dance sets, vocalization practices and more) to awaken your ability to safely connect to the infinite pulse of the crystal core Heartbeat of Mother Earth, fully awaken your heart and safely and freely connect to the heartbeat of all beings, as a way-shower of Global Happiness, Love and Harmony.  Here we utilize scientific understanding, Methods and exploration to relate these principals to the energetic of the human body as we work toward full individual-to-collective awakening of the Full-Spectrum Radiant Embodied Activation Light HEART-MIND-BODY. 

We provide you with years of experience learning how to connect to and handle this energy, along with caring, loving, practical wisdom and guidance to help you along your journey of full SELF-Realilzation to Embodiment of your unique version of Everlasting Happiness in the most gentle and harmonious process possible, while living within the structures of our human societies, regardless of the location and environment.  

We also provide extremely powerful healing REAL GEMessages (TransMissions) of the Holy Spirit of Christ (the Infinitely Loving Light of GOD), along with grounding-to-galactivation techniques, tools, Mudra sequences and Movement embodiment practices in order to guide individuals and groups to be able to safely unlock, awaken to- and handle- the range of frequencies necessary for this journey to be as gentle and harmonious as possible for you and all others.  

Brody, Joel, Wesley Jadus & Don Cooper at Sacred Lands ©️2017UnityFreedom.Org
We also guide you by utilizing and embodying alignment to the Galactic Harmonic Standard of the 13-Moon/28-day Galactic Mayan Calendar that is in order to align you and this planet to global peace and harmony! This process will allow each individual to connect to their unique expression of music, art, science & spirituality to harness Mother Earth’s messages and solutions to raising their own frequency and the frequency of the planet on our collective journey to happiness, love and harmony.  Here you will have the opportunity to awaken to: the ability to consciously create your life experience, powers of telepathy, inter-dimensional and time travel and even greater yet-to-be-known Miracles of the Greater Mystery, ALL Thanks, All Praise and ALL GLORY to GOD, the ONELOVE, for the betterment of all.