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St Petersburg, FL-based Enter The Sun (a community band of music ministers servant-guided by Joel Jadus)– has been gratefully healing and liberating by sharing the message of Unity&Freedom through uplifting New Earth music for over 10 years locally and at various music festivals and community gatherings.

Joel, a Breedlove Guitars sponsored artist, gives all thanks, all praise, and all Glory to God, the Onelove, for allowing him to serve his life’s purpose by receiving and sharing this music for the betterment of ALL. The mixed-genre sound is light-encoded and channeled from the crystal core heart of Mother Earth, and carried through the breath of Father Sky, in order to heal and liberate all who receive. As one fan put it, the “music really moves my heart so deeply. I was brought to tears and laughter and wanted to dance all at once.” Fans top favorite other artists include Bob Marley, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd, and as summed up by another listener, the music “awakens body, mind and soul! …and inspires connection to a greater, higher self!” This healing music is known to listeners as the music of Unity&Freedom, New Earth music, medicine for the planet, Sunshine medicine music, Galactic medicine music, and the music to end all war. All Glory goes to God, the Onelove. 

Feel free to listen to ETS on our youtube channel, until our album is recorded.

Matthew, Mike & Joel at Plant Love Ice Cream ©️2021UnityFreedom.Org

Joel has been sharing the sacred sound current through Kirtans, along with many other forms of music medicine, for over 10 years locally and at various music festivals and community gatherings. Kirtan is Bhakti Yoga (devotional yoga) and it is practiced in order to embody individual and collective remembrance into balance, peace, happiness and harmony – for the betterment of All.

Joel began practicing yoga, zazen meditation in 1996 with John Daido Loori (Zen Mt Monastery) and many years later received YTT certifications in Hatha Vinyasa/Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy (2010 @YES/StPete); Kundalini Yoga (2012 @aYogaVillage/Clearwater).

Joel’s most influential sanskrit & gurmukhi mantra and vocal teachers include Yogi Hari (Sampoorna Yoga), Dev Suroop (Kundalini/3HO), and Fred Johnson (Vo-Harmonics).

Joel’s teachers gave him the name Kirtan Devjeet Singh, the fearless Lion whose angelic self overcomes any challenge in life through sharing the music of God consciousness. Kirtan is music and storytelling shared in praise of God/Universal Oneness/OneLove/All That Is. Dev means angelic or divine. Jeet is to be victorious or overcomes obstacles.

The specific mantras he shares have helped him overcome the obstacles of the ego mind and to live in peace, happiness and harmony in this miracle of life. He is grateful to share them with you.

Please check the calendar for upcoming kirtan events. 

Om Namo Narayanaya – Kirtan with Joel, Brody & Wesley Jadus, at Sacred Lands in St Petersburg, FL

Free your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul through group drumming. Absolutely No Experience Necessary!! Beginners and Advanced drummers are welcome!

This is no ordinary drum circle. Healing & Empowerment drumming combines entrainment to the group drum rhythm and affirmation to free yourself of old self-limiting thought patterns and find the real and unlimited You!

Modeled after Joel’s teacher Buddy Helm’s Helm Tone drum circle –

Joel has used this Empowering & Freeing method of drumming for 10+ years with all types of groups including businesses, church groups, teams, families, adults, children, community groups, health recovery centers, etc.

Science has proven this type of drumming lowers blood pressure, improves immune system, balances brain chemistry (and left brain-right brain synchronization), reduces inflammation and illness… and increases IQ!

This all results in releasing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages, illnesses and imbalances, allowing you to experience simultaneous individual freedom and community connection.  Come experience being United & Free in order to Live from your Heart.

Joel drumming with the kids of Tribe Seminole Heights ©️2020UnityFreedom.Org

Joel began participating in and playing live music for ecstatic dance (Dances of Spirit) hosted by Lillie Cintron in 2011/12 at local Unity churches and community gatherings and has been one of the original dance DJs for Ecstatic Dance St. Pete (est. 2018). All of the music he shares is prayerfully selected and technically refined with love and care. Sets journey across multiple genres, including melodic house, trap, future bass, and electronic (to name a few). 

In addition to DJing – he also leads live music in other dance projects including MagicDance! where he fuses real & electronic instruments with a loop station as well as managing and playing in Bodhakara, a group of local musicians creating live Ecstatic Dance sets. 

Joel DJ-ing at Roots to Crown for Magic Dance ©️2022UnityFreedom.Org